by Thomas Solvang, Tallinn

by Thomas Solvang, Tallinn

XGL is Back!

02 Feb, 2017
This is a big day for all of our Estonian and Russian users! We’re bringing back something that I know many of you have missed.

When I acquired GLXY (formerly XGL.EE) from the previous owner, there was no other way, but to create an international social network. Running XGL in the state it was in and as a gay site from Estonia only would not have been profitable. So, we made a brand new site and changed our name to GLXY. Since then, we’ve gone from 4,000 members to 11,000 in less than a year!

It’s been an incredible journey thus far, as GLXY is gaining momentum and popularity, which of course, is great for the team and myself.

But, for all the loyal users who were originally on XGL since its beginning in 2008, I’ve realized that I took something away from you; your local gay LGBT site. I think that every country deserves their own local LGBT site, and XGL was Estonia’s local LGBT site from 2008 until everything changed last year.

The majority of GLXY’s users are no longer from Estonia. As of today, 49 % of all GLXY users are located in Estonia.

The new website is now ready for you to use, and I hope that you will enjoy your new gateway to LGBT Estonia! Everyone who registered on XGL before February 1st of 2016 will be moved to XGL. In other words, you may log in with the same username and password that you’re using on GLXY, but will be directed to XGL.

On XGL, there will be LGBT news in Estonian, as well as debates and groups. However, it’s very important that you understand that GLXY and XGL now are two different sites. The messages you receive on XGL will not show on your GLXY account and vice versa.
This will be GLXY's 2nd sister site. In December of 2016, we launched, a site exclusively for HIV positives.

Just in case you're wondering, will there be an app? Yes! As long as the new version of XGL becomes popular, we will be launching a separate app. So, now it’s all up to you!

XGL.EE will be available in Russian, Estonian and English. Enjoy!