Important to read: new picture policy on XGL

14 Jan, 2016
Dear users, as of today, January 14th. 2016, we are introducing a new picture policy on our website.
To clarify, these rules does only apply to profile pictures (the main picture on your profile). You are still allowed to have pornographic pictures, and other pictures in your private gallery, and as your cover photo, as long as it is not against Estonian legislation.

- Naked pictures, and pictures of genitals are not allowed as a profile picture. This also includes pictures that are partially showing nudity, or where genitals are focused on through clothes, including swimming outfits.
- Profile pictures should always show the owner of the profile. Pictures of other people than yourself, children or commercial pictures are not allowed.
- Like before, users under the age of 18 are not allowed to upload ANY kind of pornography, or sexualized pictures.

What will happen if you violate our picture policy?

- First violation: picture removal and a warning
- Second violation: picture removal and banned for 24 hours
- Third violation: picture removal and banned for 4 weeks.
- Fourth violation: picture removal and permanently banned. Your IP address will be blocked for 1 year.
This prevents you from creating a new account.

We will not make any exceptions. These rules does apply to absolutely everyone.

Why are we doing this?

Nudity and sex is important for a lot of us, but there are situations in life where such pictures are inappropriate. We want to be a website for everyone, and a website that can be used by everyone, everywhere. You should safely be able to open GLXY on the bus, in the classroom, at work, and when visiting your grandmother. Picture albums that is containing nudity, pornography and sexualized pictures will by 1st of February have a warning sign so that you avoid embarrassing situations.

The other reason is that we are launching our Android and iOS apps this spring. Apple has a no nudity policy, our app would therefore not be approved if we launched it today. Therefore, we will a few months before launch have to classify and approve every single picture and gallery picture uploaded to the page. This is a huge job, but we are going to make it thanks to all our little helpers :-)

Why didn’t we discuss this with our users?

We have, several times. When we - the new owners- took over GLXY last year, the first thing we did was changing the picture policy. The picture policy hasn’t changed, but we are specifying the rules so that they’ll be impossible to misunderstand.

If something is unclear, let us know!